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Past events

  • Completion of the SFB 676 – Special Colloquium

    12 Jun 2018, 14:00 h

    Within the DFG-funded Collaborative Research Centre SFB 676 "Particles, Strings and the Early Universe" scientists of University of Hamburg and DESY have performed their research at the interface of mathematical physics, particle physics and cosmology since 2006. After a maximum funding period of 12 years, the SFB 676 is now approaching its completion. We take this opportunity to review the science highlights of the SFB, the current state and the perspectives of the respective fields in a dedicated colloquium with internal and external speakers. Please register via indico.
    DESY, Hamburg, Auditorium
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  • Scientific Career and Parenthood

    26 Jun 2018

    Information and discussion event
  • Wie dunkle Materie im Experiment aufleuchten kann
    Axel Lindner
    4 Apr 2018

    DESY Wissenswerte
    DESY, Hamburg, Auditorium
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  • Komm zur dunklen Seite des Universums!
    Jochen Liske
    28 Mar 2018

    Science Café DESY
    DESY, Hamburg, Bistro
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  • Gravitational Waves: Windows of opportunities

    6 Apr 2018

    Meeting on gravitational wave studies
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