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The SFB 676 has been funded by the DFG from 2006 to 2018. The project was completed with a special colloquium in June 2018. A book with the scientific results of the SFB 676 has been published in September 2018.

J. Haller and M. Grefe (eds.), “Particles, Strings and the Early Universe: The Structure of Matter and Space-Time,” Hamburg (2018), DOI: 10.3204/PUBDB-2018-00782.

Many research directions developed within the SFB 676 will be continued within the Cluster of Excellence "Quantum Universe" starting 1 January 2019.

SFB Colloquia

  • 2018

    12 Jun 2018
    DESY Hamburg (Auditorium, Building 5), 14:00
    HALLER, Johannes (Institut für Experimentalphysik, Universität Hamburg): Completion of the SFB 676 – Special Colloquium
    25 Apr 2018
    DESY Hamburg (Room 2, Building 2a), 14:30
    Laurent Freidel (Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics): Relative locality of quantum spacetime
    Torben Ferber (DESY): Search for Dark Matter at Belle II
    31 Jan 2018
    DESY Hamburg (Room 2, Building 2a), 14:30
    Luciano Rezzolla (Goethe Universität Frankfurt): Binary neutron stars: Einstein's richest laboratory
    Robert Klanner (Hamburg University): Silicon Detectors – from the early days to the LHC and the XFEL
  • 2017

    29 Nov 2017
    DESY Hamburg (Room 2, Building 2a), 15:30
    Ronald Redmer (Universität Rostock): Probing matter under planetary interior conditions
    Gregor Kasieczka (Universität Hamburg): Top, Higgs & Long Life: Deep Learning LHC Physics
    28 Jun 2017
    DESY Hamburg (Room 2, Building 2a), 14:30
    Daniel Litim (University of Sussex): Asymptotic safety beyond the Standard Model
    Alexander Schmidt (Universität Hamburg): Search for dark matter Axions with the MADMAX experiment
    26 Apr 2017
    DESY Hamburg (Room 2, Building 2a), 14:30
    Andreas Hinzmann (University of Hamburg): Boosting physics at the LHC
    Marco Zagermann (Leibniz University Hannover): String Theory Vacua with Positive Cosmological Constant
    25 Jan 2017
    DESY Hamburg (Room 2, Building 2a), 14:30
    Carsten Niebuhr (DESY): Status and Prospects of Belle-2
    Jens Osterhoff (DESY): FLASHForward into the Future – Challenges and Prospects for Plasma-Wave Acceleration
  • 2016

    30 Nov 2016
    DESY Hamburg (Room 4a/b, Building 1b), 14:30
    Caren Hagner (Universität Hamburg): Latest Developments in Neutrino Physics
    29 Jun 2016
    DESY Hamburg (Rm 4a/b, Bldg 1b), 14:30
    Mathias Frisch (Universität Hannover): Causation and Physics
    Klaus Sengstock (Universität Hamburg): Quantum simulation with ultracold quantum gases
    27 Jan 2016
    DESY Hamburg (Rm 2, Bldg 2a), 14:30
    Jochen Liske (Universität Hamburg): Cosmological Dynamics: towards a direct measurement of the expansion history of the Universe
    Klaus Sengstock (Universität Hamburg): [CANCELLED] Quantum simulation with ultracold quantum gases
  • 2015

    25 Nov 2015
    DESY Hamburg (Rm 2, Bldg 2a), 14:30
    Philip Bechtle (Bonn): Excluding a class of supersymmetric Standard Models
    Christophe Grojean (DESY): Surf and relax to the weak scale
    1 Jul 2015
    DESY Hamburg (2a, SR 2), 14:30
    Christof Wetterich (Universitaet Heidelberg): Big bang or freeze?
    Annalisa Bonafede (Universitaet Hamburg): Radio signatures of magnetic fields and CR acceleration on Mpc-scale
    29 Apr 2015
    DESY Hamburg (2a, SR 2), 14:30
    Dominik J. Schwarz (Bielefeld): Cosmology at the largest scales
    28 Jan 2015
    DESY Hamburg (2a, SR 2), 14:30
    Elisabetta Gallo (Hamburg): Challenging the Standard Model at the LHC
  • 2014

    26 Nov 2014
    DESY Hamburg (2a, SR 2), 14:30
    Gleb Arutyunov (UHH): Gauge Fields from Quantum Strings
    Kai Schmidt-Hoberg (DESY): On self-interacting dark matter
    25 Jun 2014
    DESY Hamburg (SR 2/2a), 14:30
    Valeria Pettorino (Heidelberg): Dark Energy with EUCLID
    Thomas Konstandin (DESY): Analytic methods for the large scale structure of the Universe
    30 Apr 2014
    DESY Hamburg (SR 2/2a), 14:30
    Emilian Dudas (École Polytechnique): Low-energy supersymmetry: motivations and expectations
    Elisa Resconi (TU München): CANCELLED
    29 Jan 2014
    DESY Hamburg (SR 2/2a), 14:30
    John Ellis (Kings College London): Blowing up the Universe for Pedestrians
  • 2013

    24 Apr 2013
    DESY Hamburg (Lecture hall building 61), 14:30
    Fabio Zwirner (Padua): CANCELLED
    Hermann Nicolai (AEI Golm): Alternative approaches to quantum gravity: a brief survey
    30 Jan 2013
    DESY Hamburg (SR 2/2a), 14:30
    J.-L. Lehners (MPI Potsdam): The diverse multiverse
    O. Görtsches (Hamburg): How to calculate the volume of some manifolds using symmetries: On a variant of the localization formula
    Ch. Sander (Hamburg): Recent results from SUSY Searches at CMS
  • 2012

    28 Nov 2012
    DESY Hamburg (SR 2/2a), 14:30
    Thomas Grimm (MPI Munich): String Phenomenology - Status and Perspectives
    Marcus Brueggen (Hamburger Sternwarte): Studying Dark Matter and Particle Acceleration in Galaxy Clusters
    27 Jun 2012
    DESY, Hamburg
    J.-L. Lehners (MPI Potsdam): The Diverse Multiverse
    U. Uwer (Heidelberg): Search for New Phenomena with Heavy Mesons: New results of the LHCb Experiment
    25 Apr 2012
    DESY, Hamburg
    I. Melzer-Pellmann (Hamburg): Recent Results from SUSY Searches at CMS
    M. Luty (UC Davis): "Three Universes Confront the LHC"
    25 Jan 2012
    DESY, Hamburg
    J. Kalinowski (Warsaw): "Nonminimal supersymmetry at the LHC and beyond"
    M. Wohlfarth (Hamburg): "Theory perspectives on superluminal neutrinos"
  • 2011

    30 Nov 2011
    DESY, Hamburg, 2a/SemRm 2, 14:30
    D. Wark (Imperial College London): "Progress in Neutrino Oscillations"
    Z. Kunzst (ETH Zurich): "QCD amplitudes and N=4 super-symmetric gauge theories" [Homepage] [program]
    29 Jun 2011
    DESY, Hamburg, 2a/SemRm 2, 14:30
    A. Strumia (CERN): "Implications of first LHC results"
    E. Baron (Oklahoma): "On Using Type Ia Supernovae as Cosmological Probes"
    27 Apr 2011
    DESY, Hamburg, 2a/SemRm 2, 14:30
    K. Danzmann (Hannover): "Listening to the Universe with Einstein’s Gravitational Waves"
    A. Lobanov (Bonn): "Searching for WIMPS and WISPs with radio observations at 0.03-40 GHz"
    26 Jan 2011
    DESY, Hamburg
    U. Oberlack: "The Quest to Understand the Nature of Dark Matter - Direct Searches with XENON"
    V. Rubakov: "Towards Understanding the Origin of Inhomogeneities in the Universe"
  • 2010

    24 Nov 2010
    DESY, Hamburg
    O. Lebedev (Hamburg): "CP-Violation from Standard Model to Strings."
    J. Tattersall (Bon): "Phenomenology of SUSY CP-violation at colliders."
    F. von Feilitzsch (München): "Low Energy Neutrino Astronomy and the search for Proton decay. Status and perspectives for a new experimental approach."
    30 Jun 2010
    DESY, Hamburg
    K. Lipka: "Physics of gluons and heavy quarks from HERA to the LHC"
    Ch. Wockel: "Infinite-dimensional and higher prequantization"
    A. Raspereza: "Physics with the First Collision Data at LHC"
    28 Apr 2010
    DESY, Hamburg
    A. Sen (Allahabad/Paris): "Black Holes and String Theory"
    V. Mukhanov (München): "Has Cosmic Inflation been proved experimentally?"
    27 Jan 2010
    DESY, Hamburg
    J. Plefka (Berlin): "Symmetry and Integrability of Scatttering Amplitudes in supersymmetric Yang-Mills Theory"
    G. Moortgat-Pick (Hamburg): "SUSY with CP violation at LHC and beyond"
  • 2009

    25 Jun 2009
    DESY, Hamburg
    W. Hillebrandt (München): "Supernova Cosmology"
    E. Elsen (Hamburg): "Towards high energy e+e- collisions: the ILC and beyond"
    23 Apr 2009
    DESY, Hamburg
    K. Jansen (Zeuthen): "The Quest for Solving QCD: Simulations with Light Quarks"
    C. Dappiaggi (Hamburg): "Algebraic Quantum Field Theory meets Cosmology"
    29 Jan 2009
    DESY, Hamburg
    B. Siebert (Hamburg): "D-branes and 'postmodern' mathematics"
    P. Bechtle (Hamburg): "SUSY Parameter Determination at the LHC and Beyond"
  • 2008

    27 Nov 2008
    DESY, Hamburg
    P. Picozza (Rome): "PAMELA: an experiment searching for antimatter and dark matter in cosmic rays"
    J. Kersten (Hamburg): "From Supernovae to the LHC"
    3 Jun 2008
    DESY, Hamburg
    J. Wells (CERN): "The Fragility of Higgs boson predictions for the LHC"
    G. Hiller (Dortmund): "Flavor Physics beyond the Standard Model" [Slides G. Hiller]
    24 Apr 2008
    DESY, Hamburg
    K. Ecker (Berlin): "Heat diffusion, geometry and the Poincare conjecture"
    G. Gustafson (Lund): "How reliable are theoretical predictions for final states at the LHC ?"
    31 Jan 2008
    DESY, Hamburg
    G. Hasinger (München): "The Dark Side of the Universe"
  • 2007

    29 Nov 2007
    DESY, Hamburg
    M. Lindner (Heidelberg): "Neutrinos as Probes of New Physics"
    D. Horns (Hamburg): "Very High Energy Gamma-Rays: Observing the relativistic Universe"
    21 Jun 2007
    DESY, Hamburg
    K. Jakobs (Freiburg): "Higgs and SUSY at Hadron Colliders" -- From the Tevatron to the LHC
    T. Janka (MPI München): "Theory of Core-Collapse Supernovae: News on a Long-Standing Problem"
    26 Apr 2007
    DESY, Hamburg
    G. Ross (Oxford): "The Quest for Unification"
    G. Sigl (Paris): "A multimessenger approach to high energy cosmic radiation"
    25 Jan 2007
    Geomatikum, Hamburg, 14:00
    W. Buchmüller
    C. Schweigert: "Defects and dualities"
    J. Louis/V. Cortés: "Mathematical aspects of string compactifications"
    C. Fleischhack: "Quantum Geometry: Mathematical Physics along the road to Quantum Gravity"
    P. Schleper: "Supersymmetry at the Large Hadron Collider"
    K. Fredenhagen: "Thermodynamics of quantum fields in non-stationary spacetimes"
  • 2006

    30 Nov 2006
    Sternwarte Bergedorf, 14:00
    P. Hauschildt: "Type Ia supernovae and Dark Energy"
    J. Ripken: "Indirect search for Dark Matter particles with cosmic gamma-rays" [Slides]
    C. Spiering: "Search for very heavy exotic particles with IceCube"
    W. Buchmüller: "Leptogenesis and Dark Matter"
    C. Hagner: B3
    M. Wohlfarth: "Geometry in Gravity and Cosmology" [Slides]
    V. Schomerus: "Integrability in 2D CFT" [Slides]
    26 Oct 2006
    DESY, Hamburg, SemRm 2, 14:00
    M. Salvadore: "Strings and QCD" [Slides]
    J. List: "New physics at the ILC" [Slides]
    B. Awramik: "Two-loop corrections to Electroweak observables" [Slides]
    B. Kniehl: "Field-theoretical aspects of new physics" [Slides]
    T. Schoerner: "Strong interactions and new physics at the LHC" [Slides]
    M. Wendt: "Variability of the proton-to-electron mass ratio on cosmological scales" [Slides]
    G. Palma: "Scalar fields, cosmology and strings" [Slides]
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