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Public Outreach and Press

The SFB 676 is interested in providing scientific information for the public. Journalists are encouraged to contact us for information on specific topics, for interview requests with scientists, public talks and for statements on recent scientific results.

Photo series: Gesichter der Wissenschaft / Faces of Science
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Please send your inquiries to:

SFB 676
Institute for Experimental Physics
Universität Hamburg
Luruper Chaussee 149
22761 Hamburg
Tel.: 040-8998-4710
Fax: 040-8994-2170

Upcoming events
  • The puzzle of dark matter – assembling the pieces

    29–31 Oct 2018

    The conference is meant to bring together theorists and experimentalists of all collaborations in the field of particle and astroparticle physics searching for dark matter. More than presenting the latest results of the searches, we hope to foster collaboration and identify areas for future cooperation and development to enhance future searches at both collider and non-collider based experiments.
  • Mit dem Taxi in die Parallelwelt
    Jan Louis
    24 Oct 2018

    Science Café DESY
    DESY, Hamburg, Bistro
    [ more information ]
  • DESY Theory Seminar
    Filippo Sala
    22 Oct 2018

    Proposal of new BSM searches at the LHC and Belle-II
    building 2A (seminar room 2)
    [ more information ]
  • DESY Theory Seminar

    23 Oct 2018

    CHAMPP student council elections
    Building 2A (SR2)
    [ more information ]
  • DESY Particle and Astroparticle Physics Colloquium
    Gudrun Hiller
    23 Oct 2018

    Implications of lepton non-universality for BSM models and colliders
    Hamburg (Auditorium)
    [ more information ]
  • Theory Colloquium
    Daniel Baumann
    24 Oct 2018

    Bootstrapping Inflationary Fluctuations
    DESY Hamburg (build. 2a, SR2)
    [ more information ]
  • String Theory Seminar
    Fabrizio Nieri
    25 Oct 2018

    Localization on compact spaces, q-W algebras and modularity
  • Particle and Astroparticle Physics Journal Club
    Giuliano Panico
    25 Oct 2018

    Building 2, 4th floor (Library)
    [ more information ]
  • Warum ist die Bananenflanke krumm? Die Physik der Flugbahnen von Fuß-, Tennis- und anderen Bällen
    Jürgen Schmitt
    20 Nov 2018

    Physik im Alltag: Von den Elementarteilchen zu den Sternen
    Physics Department, Jungiusstraße
    [ more information ]
  • Künstliche Intelligenz und Teilchenphysik
    Gregor Kasieczka
    4 Dec 2018

    Physik im Alltag: Von den Elementarteilchen zu den Sternen
    Physics Department, Jungiusstraße
    [ more information ]
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