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A1 – Particle Physics from String Compactifications

Project Leaders

Wilfried Buchmüller (e-mail | group homepage)

Jan Louis (e-mail | group homepage)


The project centers around questions at the interface of particle physics and string theory. More specifically the goal is to study models of particle physics which enlarge the Standard Model (SM) and which lead to testable predictions at the LHC. During Phase I the emphasis has been on heterotic string compactifications which contain grand unified field theories (GUTs) in six dimensions as intermediate step. The main topics of Phase II have been the connection of GUT-like orbifold models with smooth Calabi-Yau compactifications, the issue of moduli stabilization in orbifold, intersecting brane and F-theory models and specific predictions of these models concerning light higgsinos. In Phase III we continue our studies of string inspired supersymmetric phenomenology but in view of the recent results from the LHC broaden the scope of the project by addressing the question of embedding composite Higgs models in string theory.


Kai Schmidt-Hoberg

Alexander Westphal

Former members

Dmitry Belyaev

Iman Benmachiche

Felix Brümmer

Markus Dierigl

Kwang Sik Jeong

Oleg Lebedev

Danny Martinez-Pedrera

Jan Moeller

Paul Oehlmann

Susha Parameswaran

Saul Ramos-Sanchez

Robert Richter

Fabian Rühle

Martin Schasny

Jonas Schmidt

Roberto Valandro

Andreas Weiler

Lucila Zárate


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[ link ]

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"Bulk-brane supergravity"
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eprint: 0710.4540 [hep-th] [ link ]

"Gauge-Higgs Unification from the Heterotic String"
Schmidt, Jonas
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doi: 10.1063/1.2823799
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"Local SU5 Unification from the Heterotic String"
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JHEP 0709, 113 (2007)
doi: 10.1088/1126-6708/2007/09/113
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PhD thesis: "String inspired soft terms and the Higgs mass in the NMSSM"
Lucila Zarate
Universität Hamburg (2016)
[ link ]

PhD thesis: "Effective action of heterotic compactification on K3 with non-trivial gauge bundles"
Schasny, Martin
Universität Hamburg (2012)
[ link ]

PhD thesis: "Local Grand Unification in the Heterotic Landscape"
Schmidt, Jonas
Fortsch.Phys. 58, 3-111 (2010)
Universität Hamburg (2009)
doi: 10.1002/prop.200900079
eprint: 0906.5501 [hep-th]

PhD thesis: "GUT scale extra dimensions and light moduli in supergravity and cosmology"
Möller, Jan
Universität Hamburg (2010)
doi: 10.3204/DESY-THESIS-2010-017

Master thesis: "The Fayet-Iliopoulos D-term in field and string theory"
Kappl, Rolf
Universität Ulm (2008)
[ link ]

Master thesis: "Dark energy in scalar-tensor theories"
Möller, Jan
Universität Hamburg (2007)

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