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The SFB 676 has been funded by the DFG from 2006 to 2018. The project was completed with a special colloquium in June 2018. A book with the scientific results of the SFB 676 has been published in September 2018.

J. Haller and M. Grefe (eds.), “Particles, Strings and the Early Universe: The Structure of Matter and Space-Time,” Hamburg (2018), DOI: 10.3204/PUBDB-2018-00782.

Many research directions developed within the SFB 676 will be continued within the Cluster of Excellence "Quantum Universe" starting 1 January 2019.

A10 – TQFT from and for 4d SUSY gauge theories

Project Leaders

Christoph Schweigert (e-mail | group homepage)

Jörg Teschner (e-mail | group homepage)


AGT-correspondences give profound relations between certain families of N=2 supersymmetric gauge theories in four dimensions and conformal field theories in two dimensions. Subsequent investigations of the AGT-correspondences revealed a new type of topological field theory associated to these theories that captures completely the dependence of important physical quantities on the gauge coupling constants, including perturbative and non-perturbative corrections.

The topological field theories associated to N=2 gauge theories are the central objects of study in this project. We propose to develop a precise mathematical framework for them in which loop and surface operators will play a particularly important role. We also plan to generalize these structures to a wider class gauge theories and to investigate relations with topological string theory.


Raphaël Belliard

Tobias Ohrmann

Elli Pomoni

Former members

Aswin Balasubramanian

Maxime Gabella

Jan Hesse


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PhD thesis: "Non-semisimple modular tensor categories from small quantum groups"
Tobias Ohrmann
Universität Hamburg (2018)
[ link ]

PhD thesis: "Group Actions on Bicategories and Topological Quantum Field Theories"
Jan Hesse
Universität Hamburg (2017)
[ link ]

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