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A8 – Integrability in Two-dimensional Conformal Field Theory

Project Leaders

Ingo Runkel (e-mail | group homepage)

Jörg Teschner (e-mail | group homepage)


Many string backgrounds of current interest, such as those used in the AdS/CFT correspondence or cosmological backgrounds, do not have a world sheet conformal field theory (CFT) description which can be solved with currently available methods. In this project we develop a new set of tools to tackle a class of such CFTs, namely those which still have an integrable symmetry. We will use two complementary approaches to understand the interplay between the chiral and integrable symmetries, and our results will then be applied to find for example the exact spectrum of the world sheet CFT.

Former members

David Bücher

Constantin Candu

Karol Kozlowski

Carlo Meneghelli

Elli Pomoni

Václav Tlapák


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"A braided monoidal category for free super-bosons"
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doi: 10.1007/JHEP03(2013)003
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"From Baxter Q-Operators to Local Charges"
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"Baxter Operators and Hamiltonians for 'nearly all' Integrable Closed gln Spin Chains"
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doi: 10.1142/9789814324373_0011
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PhD thesis: "Spectra of Conformal Sigma Models"
Václav, Tlapák
Universität Hamburg (2015)
doi: 10.3204/DESY-THESIS-2015-015
[ link ]

PhD thesis: "Integrable Perturbations of 2-dimensional Conformal Field Theories"
Bücher, David
Universität Hamburg (2013)

PhD thesis: "Sigma models on supercosets"
Mitev, Vladimir
Universität Hamburg (2010)
doi: 10.3204/DESY-THESIS-2010-034
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