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C9 – Cosmic Magnetic Fields and their role in High Energy Physics

Project Leaders

Robi Banerjee (e-mail | group homepage)

Günter Sigl (e-mail | group homepage)


Magnetic fields are observed at all astrophysical objects and are most probably present already in the Early Universe. But very little is known about their origin and their development during the cosmic evolution. Within this project we are studying the evolution of primordial and cosmic magnetic fields through the course of the Universe, including the necessary interactions that are relevant during the different evolutionary epochs of the expanding Universe. The aim of this project is to find further constraints on primordial and cosmic magnetic fields and to probe the origin of those fields. The detailed knowledge of cosmic magnetic fields is also important to test axion models and to predict the propagation of high energy cosmic rays.


Andrej Dundovic

Natacha Leite

Peter Niksa

Johannes Reppin

Shadi Sajedi Shacker

Pranjal Trivedi

Jacques Wagstaff

Former members

Adam Dybulla


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